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Millions on Gas.

How accurate is your Gauge reading?

Zanotis Smart Fuel Gauge Reading App is a unique solution for the car rental industry to resolve fuel gauge reading discrepancies at pickup and drop off.

Using a patent pending technology empowers you to have a full control of fuel gauge reading process during departure and arrival of your Cars & Trucks.

There is no need for any extra device to install on the cars and trucks or even connect to OBD .

Zanotis Gauge Reader

Is A Unique Solution For Your Fuel Gauge Reading Problems

Are you satisfied when there is no control on visual gauge reading?


Do you really know if the fuel gauge is reported precisely on the car rental and return process?

Our technology will eliminate any discrepancy or incorrect reporting.


Car Rental companies lose millions of dollars a year because of using visual gauge reading method that is so inaccurate and is not under any supervision.

How much your company loses on gas for each transaction ? How much a year ?

How much are your customers satisfied when there is no systematic gauge reading method ?

Your Success Is The Reflection Of

Your Smart Decisions

Fuel Gauge Reading App

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